Posts in Multispecies Justice
Dr. DAVID WAGNER on The Ever Indispensable Insect /114

Ayana and Dr. Wagner discuss insects as biological controls, insect decline in relation to political and economic destabilization, how cultural understandings of insects influence the field of entomology, and the main drivers behind insect decline. It is certainly true that while some people can’t live with insects, we know we can’t live without them…

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ANDREA CROSTA on The World of Wildlife Crime /113

Ayana and Andrea discuss a myriad of topics ranging from the importance of an intelligence-led approach to combating wildlife crime, how wildlife crime impacts local and global economies, the geography of trafficking, the socio-political realities that necessitate poaching and trafficking, and the grave danger posed by an increased militarization of conservation.

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Dr. M Jackson on The Teachings of Glacial Beings /111

Ayana and Dr. Jackson discuss how glacial retreat is impacting communities, how the connection between extractive tourism, extractive science, and glaciers, why it matters that the majority of glaciology has been produced by white men, and the ways in which polar and mountain explorations have furthered colonial, capitalist, and imperialist projects.

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