RICHIE RESEDA on Dismantling Patriarchy /134

Image from the documentary: The Feminist on Cellblock Y

Image from the documentary: The Feminist on Cellblock Y

The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today: my own government, I can not be silent.
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Those sentiments shared by Dr. King fifty years ago about wars abroad continue to ring true both domestically and globally. Today, we focus on our government’s perpetuation of domestic violence via prisons and jails, and the inherent relationship between patriarchy and mass incarceration with music and freedom producer, Richie Reseda. We must recognize that patriarchy does not have to be the foundation of our society, punishment does not mean justice, and everyone’s growth is severely limited under domination and power. So how do we encourage one another to step away from patriarchal notions and identities and step into relations rooted in responsibility and love? How is our so-called justice system enacting trauma on individuals and families? How do we confront these violent systems through organizing and policy change?

Richie Reseda / Image  Damon Turner

Richie Reseda / Image Damon Turner

Freed from prison in July of 2018, Richie Reseda is a feminist ally, community organizer, recording artist, and founder of the social-impact record label, Question Culture. Success Stories, the anti-patriarchy organization he started while incarcerated was chronicled in the CNN documentary “The Feminist on Cell Block Y.” He changes California prison policy with Initiate Justice, an organization he co-founded in prison.

This week’s conversation between Richie and Ayana continues to examine how harmful patriarchy is to us all, why we must let go of our limited understanding of crime, the geography of prisons, and meaningful and revolutionary organizing in prisons. As we explore another facet of our society’s mass violence problem, we are reminded of the dire need to abolish the carceral state and dismantle patriarchy for once and for all.

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By dismantling patriarchy we allow people who identify as masculine to be themselves.
— Richie Reseda / Episode 134


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