This May, For The Wild was honored to attend and participate in Lightning in a Bottle. Spaces like LIB hold contagious and revealing energy, they highlight our creative dimensions and exemplify the abundance to be found in remaining present in our body and mind. LIB seeks to celebrate life, create community, practice respect, actively participate, honor the land, and exercise thoughtful citizenship. This year, For The Wild wanted to attend the Compass at LIB to explore how communal experiences can shift narratives and create new paradigms of being in relationship with one another. We were elated to reconnect and support our incredible community of friends, accomplices, collaborators, and previous For The Wild guests.

If we are celebrating from a place of denial and escapism then the celebration is hollow and superficial and is not actually feeding our souls…
— Eve Bradford / Episode 128
Paul Stamets, Ayana Young, Dr. Vandana Shiva

Paul Stamets, Ayana Young, Dr. Vandana Shiva

In this week’s episode, Ayana begins by interviewing Eve Bradford and Isis Indriya, co-directors of the Compass, the educational heart of Lightning in a Bottle. This conversation explores the nature of festival culture, village living, and our inherent desire for community. You will also hear some of our favorite presentations, performances, and panels that covered topics near and dear to For The Wild’s heart, including creativity as the antidote, collective liberation, sovereignty, and ancestral wisdom.

Voices included in this interview are Dr. Vandana Shiva, Desirae Harp & Niria Alicia, Eve Bradford & Isis Indriya, Alixa Garcia & Naima Penniman of Climbing PoeTree, Dee Dominguez, Ayana Young, and Paul Stamets.

♫ Music by The Thrive Choir

About Our Podcast…

At For The Wild, we discuss the critical ideas of our time and parlay them into action for the defense and regeneration of natural communities. Key topics include the rediscovery of wild nature, ecological renewal and resistance, and healing from the trauma of individualistic society. We will travel deep into ancient forests, align with the struggles and ways of Earth-based people, and rekindle the mysteries of intuition. We will join today’s brightest visionaries in this momentous work of reimagining a world where humanity can find its way back into the web of life.

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