Janine Benyus on Redesigning Society Based on Nature/71 (Encore)

Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Redesigning Society Based on Nature || Encore

This week we are excited to feature an encore episode chosen by our dear Podcast Editor and Producer Andrew Storrs.  Andrew calls the lands of Joshua Tree, California home and is drawn to environmental activism & education at this critical moment in our planet's history. He is an avid bird & plant enthusiast and  deeply inspired by the work of Janine Benyus and the concepts of Biomimicry.

In an age of natural exploitation and capitalism, the redundancy of a term like “biomimicry” might be lost on the Western minded psyche.  The irony lies in that as a species functioning from the Westward expansion of the settler colonial mindset, we have veered so far off the path of right relation that we have to define a technology of mimicry to invite the right relations.

The answers we seek, the key to a life sustaining world, are literally all around us. The severance from seven generations thinking has left us drowning in a falsehood of limitlessness, and here we stand at a crossroads of the potentiality for life as we know it on Earth coming to a hard stop.  Biomimicry offers us insight into what it might look like to be in alignment with the flow of life.  Wondering what success looks like beyond our children, beyond our children’s children, but to the entire web of inextricably linked beings-- seven generations beyond this very moment. What does this earth look like in year 2218?

Biomimicry asks us to look at nature’s blueprint for a game plan. High speed trains from technology of the kingfisher birds, wind turbines from the humpback whale, harvesting fog air as inspired by the stenocara beetle, shock absorption from the woodpecker, planet cooling ventilation from termites-- these are fully functioning technologies that have existed in the vision of nature’s sheer brilliance.. Rather than drilling, pummelling, mining, exploding, exploiting, we could just simply look and see how it has been done since the very beginning. Sustainability should be the bare minimum when we have all the necessary technology to be thriving.

Listen again this Thursday to this episode chalked full of inspiration!

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