Stephen Harrod Buhner on Plant Intelligence & The Imaginal Realm Part 2 /14 (Encore)



This week’s encore episode opens up a plethora of curiosities around humanities' relationship to art, creation and mind altering substances.

This week's show is an evergreen classic chosen by Research Director, Madison Magalski.

Stephen Harrod Buhner is the earth speaking on behalf of themselves.  He so beautifully and scientifically challenges us to give ourselves fully and humbly in our relationships with our more than human elders and kin, he asks us to walk our talk when it comes to unlearning human supremacy and civilized consumptive conditioning through relationship to plants.

Humans have always made things more beautiful than they perhaps had to have been for functionality.  We dialogue with Stephen about what is the particular role of art in these times and how humans have used intoxicants to create that which comes forth from spirit and moves through us.

Art allows us to shift.

Art acts as a depatterning figure. Art shifts the perceptual frame of the people experiencing it. Art upsets.

“Art is an amazing thing. For example a poem, when someone is able to capture something that cannot be captured in words and put it in words. It causes one to have an experiential perception of the world that is not in the words, but rather gather momentum and then land in another frame of reference. This is a crucial element of Art.”

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