Leah Penniman on Land Based Liberation /72

Molly Costello

Molly Costello

This week we are honored to host activist, farmer and educator Leah Penniman on For The Wild. Leah lives in steadfast dedication to her mission of weaving the vast and vital threads of honoring heritage, building relationship to land and ending racism and injustice in the food system.

Soul Fire Farm in Upstate New York is a hotbed for regeneration, grassroots activism and education based in agroecology and Afro-Ecology, a form of art, movement, practice, and process of social and ecological transformation that involves the re-evaluation of our sacred relationships with land, water, air, seeds and food.

In 2009, Soul Fire’s soil was initially ranked on the worst level by the USDA Agricultural Soil Classification, with only 6 inches of topsoil. From 2009 to 2017, their topsoil increased by 300% (6 to 18 inches) through regenerative and ancestral farming practices now sequestering up to 4,000 pounds of carbon.

Leah and the folks of Soul Fire Farm leave no stone unturned in the integration between social and environmental justice. Leah serves as a true leader of our generation, asking us to show up to these times with full heart rooted tangible action, healing the earth and one another.