Jasmine Fuego on Social Permaculture and Harnessing the Power of Festival Culture/48


Ahead of their joint appearances at the forthcoming Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon, Ayana speaks with Jasmine Fuego about mobilizing regeneration through harnessing the power of festival culture and social permaculture. Jasmine Fuego is an activist, artist and permaculturist redefining the transformational festival scene by bridging the gap between art and action. Fuego helped birth into being the Permaculture Action Network, providing hands on educational experiences layering relationship building with community, land, art and music.  Facilitator of youth mindfulness, art as activism and social entrepreneurship, Jasmine is hands on at the forefront of engagement with creative social transformation.

Jasmine is currently living in the Bay Area teaching mindfulness to Youth in Richmond with the Mindful Life Project, organizing Permaculture Action Days nationwide and singing with the purpose driven community Thrive East Bay Choir

This episode is in partnership with Oregon Eclipse and Living Village Culture