Alexandra Morton on The Virulence of Farmed Salmon /78

This week’s episode is about the devastating impact of salmon farming on the Pacific coast of British Columbia.  A salmon farm exists in a calm ocean inlet, where overcrowded salmon are enclosed in netted areas about the size of 2 football fields, below the nets, are dead zones and the fish are essentially saturated in their own excrement where water circulation and oxygen availability are limited. Because of this enclosement, disease agents spread where salmon must be regularly vaccinated. In order to maintain the appearance of salmon, synthetic carotenoids are added to their feed so their flesh turns pink. Farmed salmon flesh will remain white in the absence of a rich wild diet.

The greatest threat imposed by enclosed salmon farms are the diseases they foster and spread to our precious remaining wild salmon. This week’s guest, Alexandra Morton, is an expert in salmon farming and the viruses perpetuated by this destructive aquaculture practice-- she has written 26 papers on the topic alone and is a leader in the movement to halt salmon farming off the coast of British Columbia. She co-published the first scientific article about Piscine reovirus, a salmon virus that travelled from Norway to Canada when salmon farms were first introduced, and the coverup is becoming an international scandal. Infected farm salmon are continuing to pour in to BC salmon farms, impacting wild salmon, who infected with this disease are too weak to swim upstream to spawn.

In June 2018, British Columbia salmon farm tenures expire. IT IS OUR TIME TO RISE UP AND COLLECTIVELY SAVE OUR SALMON. Please email to respectfully request/demand that the Premiere of British Columbia do away with the Salmon Farms in the waters off the west coast of B.C. or move farmed salmon to contained holding tanks on land. As well as contacting the Minister of Fisheries Canada at to tell them that its un-acceptable to be introducing this Atlantic virus into the Pacific. Alexandra is mounting numerous litigations against these huge corporations & their corporate lawyers & she needs help with supporting her legal fees. Visit to see her research & please consider donating to her cause.

This week's featured music by: Eola and Ben Chace

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