Wildfires in the Age of the Anthropocene


The threshold of climate chaos we are facing will continue to greet us with headlines reading “worst ever” and “never before seen” describing our imploding climate chaos. The more we understand the complexities of these dynamics, the better we can participate in informed action to concretely build a life sustaining future.

This webinar is in conversation with University of Tasmania Professor of Environmental Change Biology, David Bowman, who is exploring the relationship between fire, landscapes and humans. He co-authored the textbook 'Fire on Earth – an introduction' and is leading the pack globally in this complex field. Bowman’s research covers vast and far reaching questions on humans’ relationship with fire, such as: fire ecology, pyrogeography, carbon dynamics, and biomass burning.

We discuss questions such as what is the human relationship with fire, and where are we going? What do you predict will continue to happen in the upcoming years? How do we respond to the “new normal” of climate chaos?