The Death Throes of Big Oil: Drilling the Arctic


This year GOP Tax Bill has devastating impacts on the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge. This is one of the most controversial issues that has ever been debated in congress, ending a four decade ban on development.

Masked as a budget issue, this is a public land giveaway to the oil and gas industry.

This land is the ecological heart of the refuge, home to many rural indigenous cultures and is the summer breeding ground for two hundred thousand caribou and millions of migratory birds. When we open this land up, ANY land is vulnerable.

“If this drilling begins on this sacred land it will be the beginning of the end for humanity,” Faith Gemmill-Fredson, Gwich'in peoples. These changes will impact all of our lives, with more extreme weather events, higher food prices, and the continued impacts of climate refugees.

Re-listen to this webinar we hosted in November with Faith Gemmill-Fredson & Marissa Knodel to understand the gravity of these issues and follow closely to hear how we can best be involved.