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  • San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA, 94122 United States (map)
photo   Annie Spratt

Involvement/ Ayana will be offering a workshop titled ˈferəl at the 2019 Modern Witches Confluence.

Location / San Francisco, CA

with Ayana Young
What instinct does a mother bear abide by when the safety of her forest den and precious cubs are threatened? What does our human intuition whisper in our ears when we witness or beloved lands being auctioned off to the highest bidder to suffer undeserving poisoning and exploitation? What will it take for our culture to respect the intrinsic sovereignty of the land, so biodiversity can evolve autonomously in a changing climate? We will gather in an exploration of how to break the chains of domestication, human supremacy, and the conditioning that the dominant culture has imprisoned us within. How does this cultural taming affect how we show up in the world, as Earth protectors and allies? What co-liberation is awaiting us when we step into our wild and free state? We will let Earth swallow us whole as we dissolve into their teachings.

Earlier Event: October 18