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Ayana Young- Messages From The Mountains
My Home Planet / MAR 19, 2018

From having never held a seed in her hand to now planting 1 million trees- For The Wild founder Ayana Young’s life has certainly evolved. 

In this episode of MHP this restoration ecologist shares her story-from a suburban, Orange County upbringing to tent living in her beloved forest. On the way she’s gathered on Wall Street and travelled to the ‘safest’ place on earth.

Ayana speaks of her greatest love affair. She explains what she thinks is the real ask should be in environmental campaigning and how a forest miracle was responsible for the remarkable 1 Million Redwoods project she now finds herself creating.

Ayana Young is the co-founder of For The Wild, a not for profit, dedicated to preserving the integrity of Earth’s natural communities. She recently launched the most successful farm project in Kickstarter history-1 Million Redwoods Project- planting millions of trees, and companion plants to mitigate climate change and species loss. She is also the host of the very popular For The Wild podcast and a member of our very own

You can learn more about Ayana, For the Wild and the 1 Million Redwoods project at

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