FEMINIST FRIDAY: Films About Activist Women, Deviant Women & Empowered Women
GirlTalkHQ / JAN 25, 2019

“Welcome to another Feminist Friday column! That time of the week where we watch 3 of our fave videos of the week, whether they are trailers, interviews, short films, music videos or viral videos, and keep them on loop! As a site dedicated to intersectional feminism, we’re all about amplifying the voices and stories of women. This week’s theme is all about women who are raising their voices for a cause and using film to challenge gender stereotypes.”

The first video we’re sharing this week is a trailer for a documentary called ‘When Old Growth Ends’, created by a non-profit organization called For The Wild who focus on environmental issues and intersectional storytelling. One of their projects from 2018, the ‘1 Million Redwoods’ crowdfunding campaign, was officially named the most-backed farm project in Kickstarter history. ‘When Old Growth Ends’ is founder Ayana Young’s first film, and it debuted at SXSW in 2018.

Shot in 2016 at the frontline of the slaughter of the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska, When Old Grown Ends tells a love story through the eyes of the salmon, the old growth trees, the Indigenous peoples residing there, and a group of women with an affinity for wild places. The film illuminates how the failing timber industry and its government enablers have ruptured the heart of the Tongass, leaving the last remaining old growth temperate forest in the nation vulnerable to complete unraveling. The message, spoken in whispers with deafening overtones, beckons us all to mobilize against old growth logging in Alaska and beyond…

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