Almost 30


Ayana Young on Climate Change + How We Can Reconnect with and Save Mother Earth
Almost 30 / June 27, 2019

Our relationship with Mother Earth, and the need for even the smallest of actions to protect her, is our focus in today’s podcast with Ayana Young. She is the founder of the nonprofit For The Wild which now encompasses the 1 Million Redwoods reforestation project, For The Wild podcast, and a new spinoff series birthed from a preservation campaign around the Tongass National Forest. Ayana’s journey as an advocate and protector of our Earth began when she was studying Ecology at Columbia University.  She eventually dropped out to become a full time political organizer. She intertwined the environmental concerns with the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement to bring awareness to the decline of our planet’s health.

Ayana’s passion comes through as she illustrates how we are connected to everything; our modern lives are directly related to taking resources from the planet and not reciprocating. She explains the detriments of logging and building dams and how gold mining has created genocide in the west by producing high volumes of waste water. She urges us to invest in our local communities, and to educate ourselves and become more aware of climate change even when it’s overwhelming and heartbreaking. Ayana shares how she recommits herself to the Earth every day, and how each of us can reestablish that connection.

We also talk about:

  • The politics behind forest fires

  • What organic really means

  • Funding of scientific studies

  • The extinction of animals

  • Being a steward of the earth