An Anthology of the Anthropocene.




We discuss the critical ideas of our time and parlay them into action for the defense and regeneration of natural communities. Key topics include the rediscovery of wild nature, ecological renewal and resistance, and healing from the trauma of individualistic society. We travel deep into ancient forests, align with the struggles and ways of Earth-based people, and rekindle the mysteries of intuition. We join today’s brightest visionaries in this momentous work of reimagining a world where humanity can find its way back into the web of life.

(This podcast was formerly Unlearn & Rewild.)

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Dr Carlos Nobre on The Shifting Future of the Amazon /106

▸  "Transient" by Les Halles ▴ spotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Like a River" by Kate Wolfspotify ▴ soundcloud

Subhankar Banerjee on Defending Arctic Alaska /105

▸  “Sun Araw” by Sun Arawspotify ▴ soundcloud

Camila Thorndike on Carbon Pricing /104

▸  "Darifu" by SK Kakrabaspotify ▴ soundcloud

Dr. William Laurance on The Uncertain Future of Giant Trees /103

▸  "The In-Betweens" by Grant Earl LaValleyspotify ▴ soundcloud

Roots of Labor Birth Collective on Decolonizing Birth /102

▸  "Hand Jivin” by Jason Marsalisspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  Irvin Mayfieldspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "We Survived ft. Jasmine Burns & King Aswad" by Climbing PoeTreespotify ▴ soundcloud

Queer Nature on Reclaiming Wild Safe Space /101

▸  "Ponce Pilator" by Y La Bambaspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Arnaq" by Elisapiespotify ▴ soundcloud

For The Wild: An Anthology of The Anthropocene /100

▸  "Like a River" by Kate Wolfspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  Lyla June ▴ soundcloud

Dallas Goldtooth on Responding to Toxic Masculinity /99

▸  "All Nations Rise" by Lyla June ▴ soundcloud

John Seed on Deep Ecological Identity /98

▸  "Say Sun" by Y La Bambaspotify ▴ soundcloud

Dr. Chad Hanson on The Myths & Misinformation of Wildland Fires /97

▸  "Interlude" by Itascaspotify ▴ soundcloud

Reverand M. Kalani Souza on Personal Preparedness in Advance /96

▸  Cover Story Doo Wop

Queen Quet on The Survival of Sea Island Wisdom /95

▸  The Gullah Singers

Kevin Schneider on Legal Liberation for More Than Human Kin /94

▸  Sun Arawspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Arms length away" and "Matilda" by Izaak Opatzspotify ▴ soundcloud

Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas on Orangutan Refugees in Their Own Land /93

▸  Unknown traditional Sape

Ben Goldfarb on Beaver's Complex Inter-Weavings /92

▸  "We Will Meet Again" by Fountainsunspotify ▴ soundcloud

Kurt Russo on The People Under The Sea /91

▸  no featured music

Elizabeth Fournier on A Green Afterlife /90

▸  Song by Anne Laplantinespotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Classical Christmas Favorites 61" by Kevin MacLeoudspotify ▴ soundcloud

Heather Milton-Lightening on Reframing Direct Action /89

▸  "Speedy Delta" by Lobo Locospotify ▴ soundcloud

Nnimmo Bassey on Niger Delta as Sacrifice Zone /88

▸  "Local Champion" and "Pray for you" by Nnekaspotify

Steven Martyn on Letting Land Lead /87

▸  "Through the leaves" by The Range of Light Wildernessspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Upstream" by Lea Thomasspotify ▴ soundcloud

Dune Lankard on The Day the Water Died /86

▸  “Sorcerer" and "Opening" by Tonstarttsbandht   spotify ▴ soundcloud

Favianna Rodriguez on Art & Migration Know No Borders /85

▸  "Obsidiana," "Tzk'at," (2018) & "Reina del Caos" (2016) by Rebeca Lane   ▴ soundcloud

Malik Yakini on A Food Sovereign Future in Detroit /75

▸  Songs by Malik Yakini  ▴ soundcloud

Jurek Lubinski on Protecting Europe's Last Primeval Forest /74

▸  "Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa" by Warsaw Village Band  ▴ soundcloud ▴ spotify
▸  "Marie Lavoe" by David and Rosealean

Jeremy Lent on Depatterning Wetiko /73

▸  "Every Piece" by Solaris

Leah Penniman on Land Based Liberation /72

▸  "Marie Lavoe" by David and Rosealean

Janine Benyus on Redesigning Society Based on Nature /71

▸  "Conflated" by Vide Geiger   soundcloud ▴ spotify
▸  "Garden of Dreams" by Samuela

David Shearer on Last-Ditch Climate Ingenuity /70

▸  "Crossing Over" by Steven Morgan 
▸  "Garden of Dreams" by Samuela 
▸  "Nod Your Head" by Capital A 

Rue Mapp on Nature as the Great Equalizer /69

▸  "Studying Metamorphosis" by Marian Mclaughlin
▸  "Heartland" by Kendra Swanson  ▴ spotify
▸  "Bean" by Harrison Foster

adrienne maree brown on Emergent Strategy /68

▸  "No Words To Say" by June West   ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Raven" by Ariana Saraha  ▴ soundcloud  ▴ spotify

Peter Wohlleben on The Hidden Life of Trees /67

▸  "This is the World" by Eola  ▴ soundcloud  ▴ spotify
▸  "Future Hymns" by Eola  ▴ soundcloud  ▴ spotify
▸  "How Far Am I From Canaan" by Eola   ▴ soundcloud  ▴ spotify

Miriam Horn on Conserving Common Ground in America's Divided Heartland /66

▸  "Be Gone" by Bea Troxel spotify
▸  "Delta" by Bea Troxel  ▴ soundcloud  ▴ spotify
▸  "Buried On The Wind" by Fletcher Tuckerspotify





Ayana Young is a lover and protector of wild nature. She was studying Ecology at Columbia University when the Occupy Wall Street movement began. Amid the burgeoning resistance in Zuccotti Park, she created the Environmental working group with March Young to help orient the movement to the realities of a suffering planet. From there she moved West to her beloved Cascadian bioregion, starting an organic farm and wild foods cartel on an Oregon mountaintop. In Portland, she had the fortune of learning from the herbalist Cascade Anderson Geller. Ayana is currently studying Restoration of Natural Systems in Victoria, BC, and creating an ecological research center and native plants nursery in the Southern tip of the Cascadian bioregion. She teaches about empowered earth stewardship and leads biodiversity enhancement workshops across North America.