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Dr Carlos Nobre on The Shifting Future of the Amazon /106

▸  "Transient" by Les Halles ▴ spotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Like a River" by Kate Wolfspotify ▴ soundcloud

Subhankar Banerjee on Defending Arctic Alaska /105

▸  “Sun Araw” by Sun Arawspotify ▴ soundcloud

Camila Thorndike on Carbon Pricing /104

▸  "Darifu" by SK Kakrabaspotify ▴ soundcloud

Dr. William Laurance on The Uncertain Future of Giant Trees /103

▸  "The In-Betweens" by Grant Earl LaValleyspotify ▴ soundcloud

Roots of Labor Birth Collective on Decolonizing Birth /102

▸  "Hand Jivin” by Jason Marsalisspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  Irvin Mayfieldspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "We Survived ft. Jasmine Burns & King Aswad" by Climbing PoeTreespotify ▴ soundcloud

Queer Nature on Reclaiming Wild Safe Space /101

▸  "Ponce Pilator" by Y La Bambaspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Arnaq" by Elisapiespotify ▴ soundcloud

For The Wild: An Anthology of The Anthropocene /100

▸  "Like a River" by Kate Wolfspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  Lyla June ▴ soundcloud

Dallas Goldtooth on Responding to Toxic Masculinity /99

▸  "All Nations Rise" by Lyla June ▴ soundcloud

John Seed on Deep Ecological Identity /98

▸  "Say Sun" by Y La Bambaspotify ▴ soundcloud

Dr. Chad Hanson on The Myths & Misinformation of Wildland Fires /97

▸  "Interlude" by Itascaspotify ▴ soundcloud

Reverand M. Kalani Souza on Personal Preparedness in Advance /96

▸  Cover Story Doo Wop

Queen Quet on The Survival of Sea Island Wisdom /95

▸  The Gullah Singers

Kevin Schneider on Legal Liberation for More Than Human Kin /94

▸  Sun Arawspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Arms length away" and "Matilda" by Izaak Opatzspotify ▴ soundcloud

Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas on Orangutan Refugees in Their Own Land /93

▸  Unknown traditional Sape

Ben Goldfarb on Beaver's Complex Inter-Weavings /92

▸  "We Will Meet Again" by Fountainsunspotify ▴ soundcloud

Kurt Russo on The People Under The Sea /91

▸  no featured music

Elizabeth Fournier on A Green Afterlife /90

▸  Song by Anne Laplantinespotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Classical Christmas Favorites 61" by Kevin MacLeoudspotify ▴ soundcloud

Heather Milton-Lightening on Reframing Direct Action /89

▸  "Speedy Delta" by Lobo Locospotify ▴ soundcloud

Nnimmo Bassey on Niger Delta as Sacrifice Zone /88

▸  "Local Champion" and "Pray for you" by Nnekaspotify

Steven Martyn on Letting Land Lead /87

▸  "Through the leaves" by The Range of Light Wildernessspotify ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Upstream" by Lea Thomasspotify ▴ soundcloud

Dune Lankard on The Day the Water Died /86

▸  “Sorcerer" and "Opening" by Tonstarttsbandht   spotify ▴ soundcloud

Favianna Rodriguez on Art & Migration Know No Borders /85

▸  "Obsidiana," "Tzk'at," (2018) & "Reina del Caos" (2016) by Rebeca Lane   ▴ soundcloud

Malik Yakini on A Food Sovereign Future in Detroit /75

▸  Songs by Malik Yakini  ▴ soundcloud

Jurek Lubinski on Protecting Europe's Last Primeval Forest /74

▸  "Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa" by Warsaw Village Band  ▴ soundcloud ▴ spotify
▸  "Marie Lavoe" by David and Rosealean

Jeremy Lent on Depatterning Wetiko /73

▸  "Every Piece" by Solaris

Leah Penniman on Land Based Liberation /72

▸  "Marie Lavoe" by David and Rosealean

Janine Benyus on Redesigning Society Based on Nature /71

▸  "Conflated" by Vide Geiger   soundcloud ▴ spotify
▸  "Garden of Dreams" by Samuela

David Shearer on Last-Ditch Climate Ingenuity /70

▸  "Crossing Over" by Steven Morgan 
▸  "Garden of Dreams" by Samuela 
▸  "Nod Your Head" by Capital A 

Rue Mapp on Nature as the Great Equalizer /69

▸  "Studying Metamorphosis" by Marian Mclaughlin
▸  "Heartland" by Kendra Swanson  ▴ spotify
▸  "Bean" by Harrison Foster

adrienne maree brown on Emergent Strategy /68

▸  "No Words To Say" by June West   ▴ soundcloud
▸  "Raven" by Ariana Saraha  ▴ soundcloud  ▴ spotify

Peter Wohlleben on The Hidden Life of Trees /67

▸  "This is the World" by Eola  ▴ soundcloud  ▴ spotify
▸  "Future Hymns" by Eola  ▴ soundcloud  ▴ spotify
▸  "How Far Am I From Canaan" by Eola   ▴ soundcloud  ▴ spotify

Miriam Horn on Conserving Common Ground in America's Divided Heartland /66

▸  "Be Gone" by Bea Troxel spotify
▸  "Delta" by Bea Troxel  ▴ soundcloud  ▴ spotify
▸  "Buried On The Wind" by Fletcher Tuckerspotify