The For The Wild collective has grown through many phases since its inception —Deep Green Gardens, Unlearn and Rewild, and now For The Wild— all iterations, a love song to disappearing wild places. We recognize that human justice is inextricably entwined with multi-species justice. For the liberation of the land is the survival of all people. With this clarity, we avow that our path is land-based:


+ We protect land from civilization. Civilization not to be confused with culture. For we can have a culture of resistance and renewal, but civilization is dependent upon industrial-scale resource extraction and violence.

+ We believe in wilderness conservation and public land safeguarding. For land unroaded, rivers undammed, soil untilled, rock unmined, and seas untrawled are necessary for biodiversity to evolve autonomously.

+ We strive to find value while being prisoners of a civilization that does not value life itself.  For life that is wild and free is untouchable by economy or profit.

+ We declare that wild lands, whether or not we ever visit them or know their names, are important to our liberation. Their existence alone is intrinsically important, regardless if humans ever benefit from their survival.

+ We preserve genetic diversity for ecological resilience and adaptability in a spiraling climate by collecting and spreading native seed and fungi of Cascadia and beyond.

+ We are committed to shattering the conditioning of human supremacy and carrying out our projects in the context of deep time.

+ With steadfast dedication to rigorous research, we endeavor to share in an unlearning and existential questioning of our time alongside our comrades.

+ We, at For The Wild, know that we cannot do this work alone. For a multitude of perspectives are needed to rupture and reroute the psychosis and ecocide of modern civilization.

+ We welcome collaborations, with gratitude for our co-conspirators who enlighten and diversify our way forward.

+ A community of deep ecologists working from the heart, embodying radical transparency, guided by the ancient redwood forest that we call home, this is who we are.



A Union between tangible Land-Based Renewal, Wilderness Conservation, Storytelling, and Education rooted in a Paradigm Shift away from Human Supremacy towards Deep Ecology