Nina Simons on the Holistic Endeavor of Shifting Culture /40

For those of you who have listened to Unlearn & Rewild over the last two years, welcome to the first episode of the show under a new name. We are happy to announce the launch of For the Wild, a broader organization to take on Earth renewal in a tangible sense.

As we join in this work, we give thanks for the numerous exceptional teachers who have come into our lives through the diverse networks of biocentrics and Earth defenders, including the Bioneers network. Today we are joined by the co-founder and president of Bioneers, Nina Simons, an award winning social entrepreneur and visionary thinker. For nearly three decades, Bioneers has been identifying, gathering and disseminating breakthrough innovations that reveal a positive and life-honoring future that’s within our grasp, today. The annual Bioneers summit takes place every October in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nina takes on some far-reaching questions about organizing for systemic change amid convergent ecological crises. She passes along her own nuanced observations as well as lessons from the many visionary thinkers she has crossed paths with. Her deeply informed critiques shed light on some of the topics that challenge us all: sacrifice, denialism, gender and race tension, privilege, empowerment, indigenous leadership, and building successful movements that address the many layers of societal disfunction.