Leah Penniman on Land Based Liberation/72(Encore)

H. Sultan

H. Sultan

Francesca here, Research Collaborator at For The Wild and this week’s encore episode is “Leah Penniman on Land Based Liberation."

This conversation between Ayana and Leah is beyond inspiring, it confronts us with the harsh realities of injustice by two voices that simultaneously speak of healing, possibility, and reconciliation. We must acknowledge the current state of our food system; as of 2016 nearly 42 million people in this country are living in food insecure households, 85% of farmworkers are Latinx or Hispanic workers, yet less than 3% of farms are owned by Latinxs or Hispanics, industrial agriculture is responsible for 24% of climate change, 1/3 of farmworkers live below the poverty line, and while the average wage for a white farmer is around $12/hr, farmers of color average about $9 an hour.

Reflecting upon these statistics it becomes so clear that land and food sovereignty are essential to liberation. Many of For The Wild’s podcast episodes allude to the work of our imagination and the process of envisioning a world of reciprocity and balance outside of the corrosive and supremacist capitalist machine. What Leah Penman and the folks at Soul Fire Farm do is exactly that, they have created a vision for a different future; one in which food gives life and communities are able to sustainably support their farmers.
By re-evaluating our relationship with land and agency, we can fix the problems of our food system and heal our communities in the process. I hope this episode inspires you to take action and support your own community, wherever you may be.

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