Posts in Radical Imagination
DONNA HARAWAY on Staying with the Trouble /131

Ayana and Donna’s fascinating conversation this week winds through topics like the reclamation of truth and “situated knowledges,” the importance of mourning with others, the etymology of “Anthropocene,” the place of forgiveness in movement building, and the urgency of making non-natal kin.

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ADRIENNE MAREE BROWN on Pleasure as Birthright /115

This captivating conversation explores how the denial of pleasure contributes to our own oppression, how radical honesty and kindness can transform our relationships, moving through the limitations placed on radical imagination and desire, the importance of pleasure beyond sex, and how our pain and sorrow is a measurement of our pleasure and joy.

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Charles Eisenstein and Ian MacKenzie on the Age of Transition /112

Charles Eisenstein and Ian MacKenzie join Ayana to discuss what features are inherently built into this money system, how economics does not have to be a merciless system, the importance of universal basic income, what it looks like to step into gift giving, and how we can hold healthy boundaries in the process.

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