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PUA CASE on the Heart of a Mountain⌠ENCORE⌡ /130

This week we rebroadcast Pua Case’s interview in honor of the heart of a mountain and the rising of a Nation.

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ROB GREENFIELD on Confronting Convenience /123

Take a moment to drop in this week and meditate on your own practices as you listen to Rob and Ayana’s insightful reflections on growing food and foraging, reimagining wealth and de-monetizing your life, how to hold and move through hypocrisy, and the importance of addressing intersectionality and structural oppression in this work.

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PUA CASE on the Heart of a Mountain /60

Pua’s life path and purpose has led her to become a Kumu Hula… she address the issues and challenges facing sacred places and life ways of the people of Hawaiʻi.

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