Posts in Decolonization
PÁDRAIG Ó TUAMA on Finding Uncommon Ground /135

Ayana and Pádraig explore the language of uncommon belonging; how we must learn from our shame and the danger of forgetting history, the life cycle of violence, the nature of colonial power, the poetic origins of violence embedded in policy, and how to confront the inheritance of privilege

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TARA HOUSKA & RUTH BREECH on Divesting from Toxic Capitalism /133

Join us as Tara, Ruth, and Ayana navigate the worlds of man camps and resistance movements, track money trails, meet face to face with European banking leaders, and enter the boardrooms of America’s wealthiest shareholder meetings.

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RACHEL HEATON & ROXANNE WHITE on Funding, Fossil Fuels and Femicide /132

This week’s episode seeks to shed light on the ongoing, urgent crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls or MMIWG that remains largely invisible in public life and mainstream media.

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