Sisters Bonded In Action Webinar Series / Part IV

About featured guests–
Yasmin Christopher is currently a Legislative Aide to Washington State Senator Pramila Jayapal. As a recent graduate of Seattle University Law, she was also a Spring 2014 Legal Extern with the Honorable Justice Mary Yu, during her final months in King County Superior Court, a Fall 2013 law clerk with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and Summer 2013 policy fellow at the Polaris Project, an organization that takes a comprehensive approach to human trafficking, based in Washington D.C. She is also currently Vice President of the OneAmerica Board, a national delegate for We Belong Together, an organization that advocates for immigration rights as a women’s equality issue, and an International Ambassador to the Bangladesh Work Camps Association, an organization that works to foster quality cultural exchange experiences in her native Bangladesh.
     Yasmin has also lent her voice and personal family history to raise awareness about human trafficking. She was a part of a King County Metro Bus public service announcement campaign in 2013 and has traveled the state giving lectures at various colleges on her family’s experience and possible public policy improvements on the issue. In addition, Yasmin has donated her time and artwork to various fundraising events through her collaboration with the Refugee Women’s Alliance and the International Rescue Commission that work to provide direct services to trafficking survivors here and abroad. She also has co-founded and continues to consult for an aspiring organization, ASHHO, to work on building resilient communities by providing comprehensive trainings to the community, businesses, agencies, and youth on how to recognize and appropriately respond to Human Trafficking while focusing on prevention and protection.Bre Weider is a Seattle native who grew up volunteering on Election Day with her parents. Bre's upbringing grounded her with a deep belief in social justice and progressive politics.
     In 2014 Bre graduated from Western Washington University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Throughout college Bre held numerous internships and worked for Organizing for America in 2012, as an organizer. Since her graduation; Bre has worked for three elected officials, managed two campaigns, and has worked as a Planned Parenthood organizer. She also spends time serving on two PAC boards and volunteers with the local democratic party. Bre's strengths are in community based collaboration, data analysis, community organizing, and communications. Bre feels impassioned when she is working for racial equity within structural institutions. When Bre isn’t working she enjoys hiking, cooking, and reading.