Sisters Bonded in Action Webinar Series / Part III

About featured guests–
Natasha Marin is a conceptual artist and digital engagement specialist. Her work connects her with creative thinkers and doers all over the planet. IRL, far from the relative safety afforded to her by an avatar, her intersections include being assigned female at birth and being non-white-identified. She appreciates people who demonstrate a lifelong love of learning by asking thoughtful questions. Her recent project, Reparations (www.reparations.me/press), is a social experiment exploring alternative economies, community-care, and intersectional privilege. She is the author of Milk, Creator of #WomanCentered, Red Lineage, & Midnight Tea and can be reached online at www.natasha-marin.com.

Mollie Crittenden has worked for the past eighteen years as a K-12 Mollie Crittenden has worked for the past twenty years as a K-12 educator. After majoring in Ethnic Studies, earning two teaching credentials and Masters Degree in Education, she has been a bilingual elementary school teacher, high school English teacher, and now is in her thirteenth year of directing a Community Engagement Program in a high school in San Francisco. She infuses her understanding of systemic racism and different aspects of oppression in the teaching she does about social justice and cultural competency concepts. Mollie also teaches groups of white adults with The UNtraining, an organization that works specifically with the internal aspects of white liberal racism. She has also presented at the White Privelege Conference and leads an ongoing "understanding Whiteness" teacher group at the high school where she teaches. She is a certified integral life coach, and works individually with people in their process of transformational unfolding. Mollie is the mother of two biracial, African-American young boys, practices meditation, connects to nature regularly, and volunteers with non-profit organizations in the bay area. She is committed to embodying love, compassion, and connection in all the work she does.

rain crowe teaches from a body of work dedicated to cultivating the arts of interdependent relationships through group facilitation, mediation, education, and priestessing. She is a regenerative culture events organizer who engages with spiritual, political, rewilding, and intentional communities all over the country. She teaches and writes about magic and ritual, the ancestral skills of council making, conflict transformation, systems thinking in radical organizing, and ecstatic connection to the sacred. She is a 45 year old queer witch and lives on unceded ancestral Multnomah & Takelma lands. She is actively involved in unsettling herself and her worlds while calling into being the Refugium Village Mystery School and Dream Temple-her life's work and most fervent vision.

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