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ECLIPSE (Symbiosis)

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There is nothing like the spectacular phenomena of a Total Solar Eclipse. One part beautiful, one part mystical, and one part mathematical, a Total Solar Eclipse is an experience that inspires the mind, body, and spirit and demonstrates the elegant nature of our cosmos.

In honor of this momentous occasion, we have opened our doors to an epic international collaboration the likes of which have never been seen before. These crews from around the world are fiercely independent and devoted to producing out of the box experiences each in their own expression.

The goal is not to collect names for a poster, but to create a new collaborative environment transcending nation, language, and creed. In a fragmented world, creating opportunities for the gathering of community is the most noble task we can think of and we do so with the intention to create new relationships and partnerships, visions and ideas that we could not have come up with our own.

Oregon Eclipse 2017 is a destination event. The site is far from populated areas and cut off from phone reception which takes all who come further away from the default world of meetings, commutes, and daily grind.

Most people in attendance will travel a great distance and make a great commitment to share in this experience. These are the people who we wish to commune with. Dedicated, authentic seekers of awe and truth and beauty.

Ayana will be giving a keynote talk on For the Love of the Wild and a panel with Alnoor Ladha and Lisa Greyshield entitled Governed by Nature: Rethinking Society from the Earth Up.

Earlier Event: June 1
Later Event: October 20