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Mission Blue Gardens

Quality work & appreciation of our native climate is most important to us. It’s why we wake up in the morning, and how we eat. We just can’t resist finding a family of newts under a log -- or watching our native iris unfold into bloom in early Spring -- or laying on our backs in a meadow to cloud-watch under the dappled shade. Our goal is to create an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind garden that allows you to have your own treasured experiences with nature.

Honeybee Hub

"The Honeybee Hub was created to provide a platform to connect bee guardians locally and globally. Based in Southern California, we are rescuing and relocating hives from extermination, training the next generation of bee guardians and rehabilitating urban environments for pollinators. We are also active in local government, advocating for ordinance changes and updates to allow beekeeping in cities and towns.

Medicine Mandala

Our program aims to nurture a deep abiding tenderness and respect for the beauty, variety and necessity of the great wisdom lineages of planet earth while simultaneously assisting us in uncovering our own roots, our own vocabulary, and our own direct relationship to the natural world. Medicine Mandala apprentices learn to listen to their bodies and the earth, becoming their own compass and their own most wise and compassionate guides on the path of responsible, creative, joyful stewardship and service to Gaia.


Janine Band

Robby Reeves

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