An Anthology of the Anthropocene.



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It takes a village to make this podcast come to life. The insidiousness of the internalization of the hero story, the individuation of capitalism, that we can do it alone– when the truth is we can't. The real force of change will come from humility, curiosity, and the bravery to accept our wounds, and those of others. Deep, brave relationship is the antidote to the consumerism, the loneliness, and the divisions that capitalism feasts on. We wanted to speak aloud that we believe in this medicine, that we live into it, and that we want to share it with you.

If this podcast has touched your life, inspired something inside you or helped you feel more connected, please consider subscribing. For four years we have done this work alone, and now, we are humbly leaning on the collective to help us continue to the tell stories of our generation, each contribution adds to the well and together you can support us in providing accessible, free content in these troubled times.

Though we may be all over the country, or all over the world, we share in our love for the earth, whether wild or impacted, near or far. And this work, this podcast is an offering of reciprocity to that which we love.

Through this work, we to expand and connect deeply with communities of people willing to sit in the fire of the truth. If you are one of these humans who have been learning alongside of us through the podcast, join us on Patreon. We need your support to continue on this soul’s exploration.


Immerse yourself in dialogue that will shape generations to come.

In 2014, founder and host Ayana Young, found herself overwhelmed by the realities of the Anthropocene, this climactic era defined by human. Through her yearning to break through the denial and complacency of modern civilization she birthed this weekly conversational podcast.  

With a sound footing in research, in depth intersectional analysis and the visionary thinkers of today, we present you with the culmination of our hearts and souls: For The Wild podcast.

The amount of time, effort and energy dedicated to curating each episode as a piece of art, as an evergreen dialogue and as a sign to future generations says, “we were here, we cared and we were doing something about it.”

This kind of education matters. It is the footing of our generative movement building. We want to continue to nourish our growing community with this content and we need your help. Our collective needs to raise funds to continue doing this work in a good way.

Each week we host visionaries, scientists, land-defenders, indigenous leaders and movement builders of today, who are forging a regenerative way forward. Since its inception four years ago, For the Wild Podcast has blossomed into a powerful platform for critical discourse and coalition-building among allies committed to social justice and liberation, wilderness conservation, indigenous sovereignty, ecological renewal, and the dissolution of human supremacy. 

We feature conversations with thought-leaders, such as:

🌱Tom Goldtooth, @indigenousrising
🌱Stephen Harrod Buhner
🌱Ron Finley, @ronfinleyhq
🌱adrienne maree brown, @adriennemareebrown
🌱brontë velez, @littlenows
🌱Stephen Jenkinson




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