For The Wild Founder & Podcast Host, Ayana Young, offers public speaking & community dialogue on the following topics:

  • resource extraction

  • importance of indigenous sovereignty

  • coalition building

  • climate justice

  • psychological dimensions of the anthropocene

  • regenerative forestry

  • intersectionality


dialogue examples


A Community Dialogue on Conservation

What instinct does a mother bear follow when the safety of her forest den and precious cubs are threatened? What does our human intuition whisper in our ears when we witness or beloved lands being auctioned off to the highest bidder to suffer undeserving poisoning and exploitation? What will it take for our culture to respect the intrinsic sovereignty of the land, so biodiversity can evolve autonomously in a changing climate? This dialogue is offering space for the community to raise the questions that sit in their hearts around conservation, and to explore a tangible way forward before we lose the last remaining breadcrumbs of wild land.

1. in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.
2. wild, untamed, untamable, undomesticated.

We will gather in an exploration of how to break the chains of domestication, human supremacy, and the conditioning that the dominant culture has imprisoned us within. How does this cultural taming affect how we show up in the world, as Earth protectors and allies? What co-liberation is awaiting us when we step into our wild and free state? We will let the surrounding environment swallow us whole and dissolve into their teachings.


Wild ones who hear the primordial call of the Earth Mother, as kin, we come to this gathering with hearts intertwined in the service of continued Life. We will venture into the last ancient forests, diving into the mycelial web to be awed by the intelligence and mystery of millions of years of evolution. We will discuss how fungi have evolved to be Earth stewards, connecting and feeding their ecological communities, remediating oil spills and heavy metal contamination; cleansing and filtering toxic runoff; boosting tree and crop growth and building soil at amazing speeds; strengthening the immunities of bees and other pollinators; producing biofuels; and extracting radioactive particles from soil following nuclear disasters. We will also explore the inner dialogue of the forest, listening deeply and observing how she nurtures thriving communities of Life. Let us give thanks to the oxygen, medicine, food, carbon sequestration, water and much more that the forest offers freely.

Yet the time has come where we can not continue taking the forest’s gifts without reciprocating. This is a time for fury, passion, dedication and commitment. To fall in love with the forests is to awaken to the realties of their present state. Our kind has destroyed 98% of old growth forests through horrific logging practices and yet globally forests still continue to fall even as I write. So in the face of this destruction, WE STAND, we fight and we love the Forest even more fiercely in the face of their collapse.



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